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At St Paul’s, we strive to be a school who inspires our students for life and aim for a wholistic educational experience. We strive to be a school who builds resilience, creative thinking and positive mindsets in our students. We value the development of polite students with a strong work ethic that will set them up for success in the world. We are also a school who gains it's identity from the Gospel:


Lutheran schools, as part of the mission of the Lutheran church, are communities of worship and service, sharing and living the good news of Jesus Christ.

Lutheran schools are communities which acknowledge God as creator and join in the ongoing creation and care of the world and all people.

Lutheran schools are communities that recognise that God has intentionally created each person and that each person is uniquely gifted to live in relationship with God and others.

Lutheran schools are communities where grace abounds. While recognising the brokenness of humanity, they reflect the unconditional love of the Father, revealed through the saving work of his Son, Jesus.

Lutheran schools are communities open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, who invites and equips for a life of worship, learning and service.

Lutheran schools are communities that value learning as God’s gift to people for their wonder, growth, and to inspire them to respond to the needs of the world.

Lutheran schools are communities of hope, nurtured by the promises of God’s word, love and forgiveness which empower staff and students to embrace the future with confidence.

Yours in Christian Service


Brad Moss


Well that’s a wrap for Term 2!

What do you have in store for your holiday break? Perhaps some lazy mornings enjoying the change of a busy school morning and no rush to get those lunch boxes packed, PJ days, trips away, family gatherings, late lunches, perhaps busy on the farm?

The holiday season is a time when we can gather as friends and family. It’s in these times when special memories are often made. It’s in these times when we can relax, unwind and feel restored. I pray that you can do all these things over the next two weeks and get the chance to slow down the pace (at least a little)!

As I was on duty this afternoon, I couldn’t help but smile at the students in our community. A whole school game of dodgeball, with the big and the little kids followed by a whole school movie organised by our Year 6 leaders, looking snuggly and warm in their PJs. What a unique opportunity we have here at St Paul’s to grow and learn together in a supportive and Christian environment. God is good. He can ultimately give us the rest we so often need and crave and really has brought us here for this time.

I thank God for this season at St Paul’s. Wishing you richest blessings for the holiday break. I look forward to catching up with students and parents in Term 3.




mainly music
Monday 5 September

20 - 22 September

Monday 22 August

Tuesday 30 August

Tuesday 9 August

5/6 CAMP
Wednesday 10 - Friday 12 August

3/4 CAMP
Wednesday 17 - Thursday 18 August

19 August

mainly music
Monday 15 August

Philippians 3:12-14

Winter is here, and so is all the rain. It has been super chilly and wet outside. It feels as though we are in hibernation. Many outdoor activities have been cancelled, such as the planned athletics events. At St Paul's it was decided instead to have indoor gym activities which the children thoroughly enjoyed. This gym activity got me thinking about how we Christians exercise our faith. Lutherans often refer to this as “faith active in love.” Paul the apostle declares in Phil. 3: 14 “I run straight toward the goal in order to win the prize, which is God's call through Christ Jesus to the life above.” This is Paul’s shorthand for how active faith happens. Our faith is never still. The Christian has a goal to reach, that is, heaven or the “life above.”

We journey towards our heavenly prize knowing that “Christ Jesus has already won me to himself.” Let those words from Paul settle into your heart, because they concern YOU. That is faith. Faith knows that you have been won, claimed, by Christ.

And from that awareness comes an active faith, a faith that pushes through the cold and wet winters of life. The Christian has a foretaste of heaven, the “life above.” The tastiness of God, a God who gives himself in Christ, keeps faith going. We get to spiritually feast off Christ everyday and we taste heaven. In faith, we praise God, call on him, and give him thanks. In faith, we are drawn in empathy to serve our neighbors who are in need. As we love God and others, we encounter heaven on earth. And that keeps faith going. With the love of God in our hearts we push through the coldness of life. The Spirit warms our hearts to God. We are then warm people in an often wet and cold world. A warmed Christ-heart is an active heart. Such a heart is drawn to heaven and encounters God in the here-and-now. These divine-encounters, foretastes of heaven, keep faith in motion. And then the world gets to taste and see what it means when “Jesus has already won me to himself” for that “life above.”


YEAR K/1/2

We welcome Sue Trethowan to the St Paul’s team for Weeks 1-3, while Mrs Kinning is travelling through Europe. We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and experienced educator here for the short term to share her skills and knowledge with our students and staff!

After having a number of students ill at the end of Term 2, it's great to see so many smiling faces back in the classroom and eager to keep learning in Term 3.

Next week we will be looking at 'Volume'. If you have some spare ice cream containers at home can you please send them in with your children to help our understanding of how volume works?

We've also managed to take advantage of some of the beautiful sunshine and head outdoors this week.

Welcome to Term 3! I am so excited to be back!

This week, we read the book The Day the Crayons Quit and wrote our own story about the day the chairs quit! 3-6 were surprised to see our classroom chairs had quit when they walked into class on Thursday!

It has been such a beautiful, sunny week that we have done some learning outside.

Kindest regards,

Miss Ridley

YEAR 3/4/5/6


On Tuesday we had an enthusiastic bunch of students head to the Les O'Brien Athletics Precinct to participate in the RAS Athletics Carnival. Everyone participated to the best of their ability and represented St Paul's well. Well done for all your efforts and positive attitudes.

A special congratulations to Blake Klemke for coming 2nd in the 11 Yrs Shot Put! What a fantastic effort!!

Thank you also to our parent helpers on the day. We are lucky to have parents who don't hesitate to help wherever needed.

The Book Fair is coming to St Paul’s!

Book Week will be starting on Monday 22nd August and will be here until Friday 26th August.

A variety of books will be on display and available for purchase, so please come by during school hours and support our school whilst getting your hands on the best new children’s books!

Book Parade

Children can come dressed as their favourite book character on Wednesday 24th August. The parade will start at 9:30am and family and friends are welcome to attend!



Ivan Willis

Meg Todori


Simeon Lubke


The P&F will be drawing the raffle at our Father's Day Chapel service on Tuesday 30th August.

Thank you for the many returned raffle books. Just a reminder that  all raffle books need to be returned to the school office no later than Wednesday 24th August.

Any questions about the selling of raffle tickets can be directed to Kerri.

We have started collecting goodies for the Goods Hamper. Any items you'd like to donate can be dropped to the school office.

Thanks for your support.

Yes it's time to start thinking about HMFD!!

As a school, and as part of the entire Henty community, we are so blessed to have such a wonderful fundraising opportunity such as the Field Days. The money we raise in three days each year can take other schools years to be able to raise similar amounts. And the best thing is we're not hitting up our friends and family for money - it's from outside our school community!

It's a big three days, but it's worth the hard work. Over the years the P&F have been able to fund incredible projects that directly benefit the students, including but not limited to iPads, fridges in every classroom, sports equipment, air conditioning in Tuckshop kitchen, garden upgrades, teaching aides and programs, funding social events and BBQs and on and on.

In the next week or two we will be sending out to families and friends requests for assistance. Please remember the opportunity this is for us as you consider when you will be able to help.

We would appreciate every family putting their name forward for at least two shifts over the three days.

Every person who puts their name down will receive a Caterer's Pass into the event (usually $25 admission), and also a food voucher for each shift worked. So it's well worth pitching in to get the freebies!

The Henty Machinery Field Days will be held Tuesday 20 September - Thursday 22 September


mainly music

On the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each Term we look forward to welcoming mainly music into our school. mainly music was started in 1990 and we are very fortunate to be able to offer this wonderful program to our community. Throughout each session, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, mathematical and pre-reading skills as well as socialising with others.

It's not just great for the children, it's also a great opportunity for parents and carers to be able to meet and chat with others going through the same season of life.


On the Year 5 Discovery Day at St Paul’s College, Aiden, Blake, Micah and Oscar made lava lamps in science.

During agriculture, we decorated ducks with pipe cleaners and had duck races. Micah and Blake’s duck won twice in a row.

In drama, we did acts of the 3 little pigs and then we went and learnt about our wellbeing.

After that, we went in the gym and played sport. We played hockey and tic tac toe.

The Discovery Day was really fun and we would like to thank the College for organising an awesome day!

Written by Aiden and Blake.


What a fun way to finish off what has been a very busy term!



If you can spare an hour or two on Friday 19th August after school we will have a job list ready and we'll gladly put you to work 😊

We'll also fire up the BBQ for when the works done!

If you find that you never seem to get around to returning cans and bottles for the 10c refund then we might have the solution you've been looking for! We will have a specially designated recycling bin in the lunch area for refundable bottles, and we would be happy to add yours to our collection. All money raised will be made available for the students to put towards resources and equipment, which they will collaborate their spending  ideas with teaching staff.



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